With over 22 years specializing in SAP GTS solutions, our team is committed to constantly adapting and pioneering innovative approaches that cater to our global client base.

Services We Provide

Our client’s success drives our excellence.

Pi offers full suite services for SAP-ECC, specializing in GTS. Pi offers customs expertise, legal counsel, export/import business experience, and non-SAP integration. Pi prides itself in providing innovative solutions.

  • SAP GTS, edition for SAP HANA

    Compliance Management

      • Sanctioned Party List Screening
      • Embargo Checks
      • Legal Control

    Customs Management

      • Export Processing
          • Self-filing with Customs
          • Broker Enablement
          • Communication with Carriers
      • Import Processing
          • Self – filing with Customs
          • Pi’s Touchless Broker Enablement
      • Transit Processing
      • Special Customs Procedures

    Preference Management

      • Pi’s Automated Communication with Suppliers for LTVD/LTSD
      • Long Term Vendor Declaration for Customers
      • Preference Calculation

    Integration with Transportation Management (TM)

    Integration with Warehouse Management System

    Master Data Pi’s Automated Solution to upload Content in GTS

  • Integration with S/4HANA and/or ECC
    Our team of in-house specialists, well-versed in SAP S/4HANA and ECC systems, collaborates seamless with our dedicated SAP GTS team. Irrespective of the complexities that may arise from the interplay of business imperatives and system functionalities, our commitment remains unwavering in delivering optimal and adaptable solutions. These solutions encompass a spectrum ranging from master data to transactional data intricacies, ensuring a harmonious alignment between your business needs and technical capabilities.
  • Integration with non-SAP systems

    We take pride in being pioneers in the seamless integration of SAP GTS with non-SAP systems. Our track record showcases our expertise in flawlessly implementing integrations across a variety of non-SAP systems, enabling efficient processes such as SPL Screening, license determination, Embargo, and Free Trade Agreements, among other critical functionalities.

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  • Executive Direction
    Only PI offers Executive Direction for Company Self-Assessment, Company Direction, and ROI.
      • Assist executives in prioritizing scope of implementation
      • Provide estimated time and cost for Budget Approval Services
      • Assessment of high-risk variables
      • Removal of redundancies
      • Streamlining business processes
      • Risk management and mitigation
  • Innovative Solutions
    Pinary has an R&D section, where we develop custom solutions for our customers. We have successfully created and implemented many solutions.
      • Touchless Broker Enablement
      • Live Compliance Checks upon Software Download
      • Pre-configured Legal Control
      • Customer End Use Check
      • Miscellaneous/Generic Material Classification
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  • Other Client Specific Solutions & Services
    Unlock enhanced support services for your SAP GTS system. Reach out to us for further information.

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