Navigating Partner Government Agencies (PGAs) with SAP GTS

Partner government agencies (PGAs) like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are focused on what types of products you’re selling, where they originated, their materials, ingredients, and as well as whether they have been official approved for consumer use. If you don’t have those things sorted for every port, be prepared to wait—and to pay for the privilege.

Fortunately, global trade services (GTS) software helps you manage PGA-related intricacies systematically. A properly-implemented SAP GTS system will help with license and information management relating to PGAs. With those benefits in mind, let’s examine the keys to managing PGAs—and the volatility that comes with conducting global trade.

Handling Partner Government Agencies Through SAP GTS Automated Processes

Implementing and configuring or reconfiguring a GTS solution is crucial when it comes to minimizing mistakes. When configured correctly, SAP GTS will do most of the heavy lifting through automated functionalities. It is here you gain measurable assurances that your trade processes are running in accordance to applicable PGAs, thus minimizing surprises at the border.

Utilizing SAP GTS provides an innovative way to automate processes that come with meeting any PGA guidelines and requirements. SAP GTS lets you automate many manual mistake-prone processes and gain efficiencies by the removal of vestigial processes. This prevents process overkill, adding a precision audit trail and record keeping, all while streamlining operations.

An outside consultant can steer you towards selecting which SAP GTS functionalities match your organization’s distinct needs and requirements, based on business operations, projected growth, and industry. They ensure that your GTS solution is properly architected to manage reporting processes, providing a concise audit trail that meets the most stringent of audit requirements. Given that risk management is the name of the game in international trade, especially with PGAs in the mix, transactional transparency is a vital component to play ball with auditors.

The audit management functionalities in SAP GTS gives you the solution to resolve today’s audit issues. It will be an important tool in your pocket when it comes to identifying where consistent or repetitive issues are arising. It will provide valuable assistance to your compliance and logistics team when new processes need to be developed to respond to issues. The quick, decisive response ability given to you by SAP GTS will easily handle the day-to-day operations of your business with real-time corrective responses, all while satisfying regulators and meeting the strictest of compliance guidelines.


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