Reduce Risk and Improve Efficiency in Global Trade with Experienced Guidance from Pinary

Global trade is complex, with many inherent risks—and the expansion of global markets combined with ever-changing trade negotiations continues to add to its complexity. If your company has extensive import and export business processes, you’re constantly challenged to identify, interpret, and apply the multitude of rules and regulations that govern trade. SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) can help. The software significantly reduces the complexity of managing trade while simultaneously reducing risk and improving operational efficiency. Success with GTS implementation, however, requires a thorough understanding of GTS capabilities and a practical knowledge of translating rules and regulations into compliant procedures using GTS functionality.

Not only does Pinary understand the intricacies of SAP GTS integration, but we know a successful implementation requires:

An in-depth understanding of your specific international trade activities

Technical mastery of SAP GTS module integration and the ability to know when and how to apply this functionality to your business to ensure compliant processes

First-hand experience regarding the intricacies and requirements of the jungle of rules and regulations that govern global trade

An implementation methodology that proactively identifies and mitigates any possible impediments to success during your project

Pinary’s years of experience in delivering GTS solutions eliminate any inherent implementation risk, and we’re proud of our 100% on-time and error-free implementation record.

Apply GTS Capabilities to the Unique Requirements of Your Trade Practices

Aurum Terra is an SAP vendor

SAP’s Global Trade Services (GTS) builds on the operational foundation established by SAP ERP, leveraging the wealth of data already managed by SAP to improve your trade practices. GTS enables organizations with high volume import and export business to automate time-consuming, manual tasks to improve process efficiency, verify orders against compliance regulations to reduce the risk of fines, and centralize all global trade information (master data and content) in a single, secure repository.

Pinary will work to understand your business through your eyes and determine where and how to apply GTS capabilities to reduce risk, improve process efficiency, and reduce operational costs. Key functionality and process management provided by GTS include:

Import Management

  • Streamline:
    • Import process
    • Product classification
    • Sanctioned party list screening
    • Embargo screening
    • Duty calculations
  • Support:

Export Management

  • Manage:
    • Export process
    • Product classification
    • Sanctioned party list (SPL) screening
    • Embargo screening
    • Export license determination
    • Electronic filing of customs documentation
  • Integrate with government customs systems for self-filing electronically

Embargo Screening

  • Screen against global and/or national embargoes
  • Screen embargoed countries for all export or all import transactions
  • Facilitated maintenance of embargoed countries
  • Manage reviews of:
    • Failed screenings
    • Processing of blocked documents
    • Escalations of uncertain entries

Customs Management & Specialized Customs Procedures

  • Support customs requirements for:
    • Free Trade Zone (FTZ)
    • Bonded Warehouse
    • Inward Processing Relief (IPR)
    • Partner Government Agency (PGA)
  • Product classification
    • Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS)
    • Schedule B codes
    • Automated mass reclassification
    • ECCN
    • ICCN
  • Duty calculation: Determine duty rates
  • Trade document services
    • Export documents: Country Of Origin (COO) and Commercial Invoice
    • Manage documents
  • Electronic customs communication with customs authorities, trade systems, customs warehousing, bonded warehouse, and inward processing

Sanctioned Party List (SPL)/Denied Party List (DPL) Screening

  • Screening
    • Screen upon creation, change, periodically, or ad-hoc
    • Screen all business partners: customers, vendors, employees, external partners, and visitors
    • Screen all export/import transactions: sales orders, stock transport orders (STO), outbound deliveries, purchase orders, and inbound deliveries
    • Maintain ‘reasons for release’ of business partners
  • Lists
    • Automatic upload of Denied Party Lists
    • Ability to create positive/negative lists
  • Options
    • Connection to TREX engine to enhance SPL screening
    • Automatic email notifications to authorized user (or user group) of blocked partners and documents

Reporting & Printing

  • Reporting
    • Import and export reports by product, country, or customs office
    • Trade preference process reports:
      • Preference potential analysis
    • Restitution reports:
      • Restitution per product
  • Print trade documents
    • Foreign trade documents, including:
      • Certificate of Origin
      • Commercial Invoice
      • EUR1
      • SAD
  • Printing preferences
    • Language specific
    • Print preview
    • Email, fax or electronically transmit documents
    • Incompletion check
    • Automatically default data

Legal Control

  • Automatic assignment of licenses or license exceptions, assignment of the license to delivery document, and depreciation of values and/or quantities from the licenses
  • Maintain license determination strategies, agreements, and nested licenses
  • Manual license assignments for Individually Validated License (IVL)
  • Block non-compliant documents, and automatically recheck blocked documents
  • Detail check log available
  • Audit trails of all assignments and cancellations
  • Reporting of existing and expired licenses and documents assigned to a license
  • License soft-copy upload

Risk Management

  • Preference processing
    • Manage vendor declarations
    • Determine preferential origin
    • Print preference documents
  • Letter of credit processing
    • Manage letter of credit
    • Automatic assignment of letter of credit
    • Track quantity and value depreciation
  • Restitution handling
    • Manage export of common agricultural policy products
    • Calculate restitution amount
    • Manage licenses, securities and recipes

Hazardous Substance Check

  • Transactions are checked against hazardous check
  • Connection with SAP EH&S
  • Control:
    • Export/Import quantity restrictions
    • Import restrictions for country of origin
    • Export restrictions for county of destination

Automation and Integration are Key to Efficiency and Risk Mitigation

GTS accelerates import and export business processes with real-time compliance checks, such as, Export Control Classification Number (ECCN), Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), SPL, etc., and communicates with Customs for example: Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). GTS also works with SAP Business Suites’ order and shipment processes, taking advantage of master data already managed by SAP to further reduce manual tasks and improve process efficiency.

Additional cost savings are realized through automated customs, determining when shipments are subject to free trade agreements, and then managing declaration-handling for the appropriate parties. From a compliance perspective, GTS maintains an audit trail of all screenings against government regulations, Denied/Sanctioned Party lists (DPL/SPL), and retains as digital records relevant documentation and communications, making it easy to access this information in the event of an audit.

restricted party screening


Partner with Pinary for Long-Term Success

The easiest way to realize the benefits of SAP GTS is by partnering with the right team for your implementation—Pinary. We bring a wealth of proven GTS implementation expertise and experience, delivering value throughout your project, and well beyond.

Pinary has more than 20 years of SAP experience with a focus on delivering GTS solutions on-time with 100% client satisfaction. Our U.S.-based workforce (including Licensed Customs Brokers) has the required technical and business skills and has hundreds of error-free implementations to our credit.

The GTS-focused approach we bring when working with you includes:

Global trade knowledge to identify risks, and integration skills to deliver a GTS solution specifically designed to meet your needs.

Our small teams, including Licensed Customs Brokers, are dedicated to doing the right thing for your company throughout your project. Our employees have in-depth, practical knowledge of GTS capabilities and their role in helping you comply with myriad trade regulations while improving import and export business processes.

A macro-micro business perspective, recognizing that each client has unique global trade goals.

We listen and invest time to learn your business. Our requirements-gathering process takes an analytic and a systemic approach to identify variables and risks in advance. Your business is unique, and we make no assumptions. We thoroughly assess your environment and develop an integration roadmap designed to reduce risk and improve efficiency.

Client self-sufficiency to confidently conduct global trade going forward.

Our goal is client self-sufficiency through complete knowledge transfer. We provide detailed documentation regarding the SAP GTS integration and the import and export business processes that are implemented. We also train your IT team and users so they are confident in their ability to comply with global trade regulations.

Choose the SAP Partner Who Understands You and GTS

Pinary, Inc. is an SAP Partner with a special focus on SAP GTS module integration. Pinary, Inc. is also an active in the global trade community as a recognized Service Partner Associate with the International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA), as a Strategic Champion Partner  American Association of Exporters & Importers (AAEI), and a member of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce (LAACC).

If you are evaluating SAP GTS, or are struggling with a disappointing prior implementation, contact us today to discuss your global trade needs. We strive to be honest, transparent, and straightforward in our approach and believe these qualities contribute to our record of 100% successful implementations.